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Healthcare & Smartphone: How to Monitor Health Using an iPhone?

It seems so right to use an iPhone for saving a life instead of the elimination of green pigs. I think there is no need to explain why it can be crucial to use your smartphone as a health monitor in order to check your condition or to get some useful healthcare information. 

How to Monitor Health Using an iPhone


iPhone Will Show You How To Plan Your Budget and Save Money

Such actual economic phenomena as inflation, the consequences of global world financial recession and other political and economic events demand from us to be very careful on managing our bank accounts, to think twice over any new investments and to learn how to tighten our belts in order to scrape money on a summer vacation.

In order to let your expensive iPhone work for actual saving of your family budget instead of wasting money on its upgrades you can take an advantage of few simple tricks:

iPhone for plan your budget


5 Must-have iPhone applications for a devoted pet owner

Pet apps 1 All owners of cute puppies, kittens, golden fish and parakeets understand that when you buy a pet in addition to a devoted friend you get a number of responsible daily tasks to perform. Raising and caring for a pet may seem sometimes a complicated thing to do. That is why you need to have at your fingertips few assistants that will help to solve some routine pet-related problems in few taps on your iPhone. For consideration of every devoted pet owner were gathered and described 5 must-have iPhone applications that stand for useful resources and virtual counselors.


An Overview of Interesting Children's Books for the iPad

Everyone who has children has probably noticed their keen interest in the iPad. Indeed, this is no surprise; with the device's various bright pictures, it looks magnificent even from far away in a parent's hands, not to mention those moments when a child manages to snatch his or her father's "big cell phone" and admire it from a closer distance.


The Best iPhone/iPod Apps for Music Lovers

There were times when Apple was mostly associated with convenient and popular iPod music players. This tiny white gadget with a trendy touch-based wheel that made it possible to listen to favorite tunes and bring along all your music collection wherever you go is still a perfection of the Apple’s UI ergonomics. When new upgraded iPods, iPods Touch and iPhone were presented the hearts of music lovers around the world were conquered by hundreds of diverse paid and free music apps. To make it easier for you to sort the wheat from the chaff we offer to read about the most interesting and popular iPod/iPhone tools for music lovers.


It is not hard to imagine the situation when you are in a new night club or a foreign cafe and suddenly hear a nice but unknown tune pouring through the loudspeakers. The most annoying thing is that no one will be helpful to name the tune’s title or at least the artist while the tune is playing. To save the day in these situations one must use Shazam.

ShazamShazam screen


4 simple and addictive games​

There is hardly anyone who would doubt the immense gaming capabilities of the iPad and the iPhone today. Both devices are powerful enough to deliver console-level graphics. The recently released Infinity Blade II is a prime example of such capabilities, but the key gaming advantage of the platform is the availability of casual arcades for a wide range of users. As happens in any big hypermarket (with which App Store can be easily compared), over a half of the games are quite poorly made and are not capable of entertaining a player for any considerable period of time. However, they create a background for those few and magnificent masterpieces of mobile gaming that are worth getting acquainted with.


Our review opens with a fervent and long-lasting game called Blowup  Blowup!! which is a sort of an improved Tetris.

Blowup Blowup

Unlike in classic Tetris, the blocks that fill the screen differ only in color, and they need to be gathered, not into even rows, but into groups of 8 or more blocks of one color. The more blocks you put together, the more of them transform that into the heads of robots. No, seriously: colored cubes turn themselves into the parts of a robot from an old Japanese cartoon. As soon as you make a bigger construction out of blocks, destroy it with a double-tap and get energy to replenish the ever-melting stripe at the top of the screen. Actually, this is the key aim of the game. As a reward for your efforts, new parts of background melody will gradually be unlocked, and in some time, the soundtrack will become quite an entertaining tune.


4 apps for searching Your better half

4 apps for searching Your better half

Have you ever spent hours and days in dating chats and forums? At this point, doing so may seem like a waste of time and effort. Nevertheless, many people have found great friends and buddies, if not their other halves this way. The search for happiness and a family is hindered by the hustle and bustle of modern life, which barely leaves time for looking at the latest news, let alone managing your private life. However, we’ll try to combine the pleasant with the useful thanks to ubiquitous mobile gadgets since application developers have invested much thought and effort into solving this modern-day problem. 


To begin, there is no need to rush into searching for the chosen one on the web. Try taking a second look at your close circle of friends. It may well be that happiness is somewhere nearby and is just waiting for you to recognize it. However, there are many people in this circle, and trying to sort through them in your head may be difficult.


Gmail: the iUnderdog of the year

Although seemingly providing some valuable features Gmail app for the iPhone is a really over-hyped one. There is really not much reasons to use it. If You see many of them Your name is probably Sergey Brin.


gmail iphone

With Google and Apple heightening battle for mobile market it is no wonder that the rivals are trying to get some footholds on each other`s ground. Apple released Siri with powerful search functions thus casting a shadow on the very idea that Google is really best in searching stuff. Google tried to get to iPhone with Gmail app and failed.


 When Gmail app was first revealed to the public on November 2nd 2011 it was pulled out of the App Store in a matter of hours. The user outcry was so overwhelming that Google confessed in its official blog “Sorry, we messed up”.


And there were reasons for that. The first version of Gmail app would break iPhone`s notification system sending rays of love from iPhone users to Google. In fact this was not the only problem with the app but that was revealed only after Google uploaded a fixed and updated version of Gmail app on November 16th.


Jailbreaking Your iPhone in 4 easy steps


Learn how to liberate your iPhone with new jailbreak tool that will give You access to all goodness of Cydia app store and even more in just 4 easy steps.

“Love the product, hate the company” - that is how many Apple users describe their attitudes towards their iPhones and its manufacturer. And it is pretty much true: we love our iPhones but hate the restrictive harness of legal and technical limitations.

Well, some would consider jailbreaking a bumpy road (and sometimes it is) but unleashing your iPhone potential from some artificial Cupertino-created limitations can open a lot of new talents of your favorite gadget.