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Best way to convert video for Ipad?
Best way to convert video for Ipad?

4:24 pm december 11 th 2011

Converting videos for iPad

When it comes to watching videos on mobile devices it is iPad that is the best in terms of performance, quality and user experience. But to enjoy videos on an iPad in their full glory one needs to convert them into a device-supported format. Currently iPad supports MPEG-4 and H-264 codecs out of the box. Let's take a look at several tools that will simplify the task of converting videos from Your collection for the best iPad viewing experience.


Air Video

Air Video

Apple developers just thought different again when they decided to create Air Video. With this application users do not actually need to convert any kind of video since it allows to stream video from PC or Mac just directly to an iPad. To use it you need to do the following:

● Install Air Video Server to your PC or Mac (Windows and Mac OS X installers are available).

● Go to server properties and define «shared folders». These are the folders from which videos will be streamed to iPad.

● Lanch Air Video on Your iPad. Tap «+» icon in the top left part of the screen to add server.

● Select your server from the list or provide its parameters manually.

● After You added the server videos from its shared folder will be available for playback in iPad without conversion.



Streaming videos through WiFi is great, but what if you want to watch something while using bus/train/plane or any other type of transport. In this case You'll certainly need to convert Your videos for the iPad. Here is when small but very useful application called HandBrake comes handy.

Its interface is extremely simple and intuitive both in Windows and Mac variants. To convert video for Your iPad just click on «Source» icon in top-left corner of HandBrake's window. A file selection window will pop up helping you to choose videos You want to convert. After the file is chosen, choose also MP4 format for the resulting video.

With HandBrake You do not need to worry about a whole bunch of video parameters You might need to specify because this application has great presets (sets of video options) targeted at all kind of Apple devices. Just choose Your device name from a preset list in the right part of the HandBrake window and You are ready to hit the «Start» icon which will make Your video iPad-friendly.

What makes this application even more suitable for Your iPad video trascoding needs is that it got queues. It means that a user can convert video files for iPad in batches and not wait when one video is converted to start with another.




VLC is a popular cross-platform player which makes users' life easier since it can play pretty much any video format available on planet Earth with a great quality and without converting. VLC arrived in Apple AppStore quite a time ago, but then it was removed by the developer team. The reasoning was simple — VLC`s open-source GPL license is not compatible with App Store licensing policies.

Although VLC is not available in official App Store one can get it through Cydia — an unofficial alternative to App Store. To install Cydia a user needs to jailbreak his/her iPad using iPhone Dev-Team jailbreaking tools or Spirit jailbreaker.

Installing VLC through Cydia requires user to add new repository to Cydia repository list. The address of the repository is http://rpetri.ch/repo. After updating repository info VLC will be available for install through Cydia.

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