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How to clean macbook?
How to clean macbook?

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Cleaning your Macbook: a definitive guide


Cleaning MacBook

Keeping your computer clean is way more important than some of us think. In fact, cleaning a computer has more to do with its functionality and performance than with aesthetics. For a quick example, if you leave the ventilation exhaust dusty, it will lead to the quicker degradation of your battery capacity as well as the possible death of your video card. The MacBook, just like any other computer, requires regular cleaning. In this article, we will cover some basics of cleaning your MacBook.


Read the manual first


Yeah, sometimes reading the manual helps a lot, especially when it comes to computer maintenance. Thus, we advise you to take a look at official "How to clean Apple products" section on the company's site.

Unplug your computer

         ● We've got some unpleasant news for multitasking Mac users. You cannot listen to your favorite tracks or seed torrents when cleaning your MacBook. So, please power it down before any maintenance cleaning.

         ● After making sure that your MacBook is powered off, you need to unplug the power cord. After that, unplug all remaining cables (USB, FireWire, external monitors, etc). Some sources advise that you also take the battery out, but it is not really necessary for a maintenance cleaning.

Unplug a power cord  Take the battery out


          ● Some fresh air for your Mac


Cleaning videoIt is not only humans who love fresh air. It turns out that MacBooks also love it. When working in dusty places, the insides of your MacBook are getting covered with a noticeable layer of dust particles, which leads to several unpleasant results:


      ●      You MacBook coolers start choking and draining way more power. A dustier computer thus means less battery time


      ●      Extreme dustiness may cause your video card to malfunction or just break, and you will need to replace it


Compressed air cleaners

Thus, it makes sense to clean your MacBook from micro dust. The best way to do that is to use compressed air cleaners. Sometimes they are called "Disposable dusters with pressurized air." Compressed air cleaners are usually supplied with thin plastic pipes that allow you to direct pressurized air into parts of your computer that are difficult to access.


What you need to do is use a compressed air cleaner to blow away all of the dust from the MacBook fans and around them. We do not recommend trying to use other tools for this task. Dust cleaning should be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated place; sometimes it is hard to believe how much dust comes out from around the computer fans.


Means of cleaning


For many users, it is hard to believe that the key cleaning tools for your MacBook are:


    ● A soft, lint-free, non-abrasive cloth (at least one is supplied for the monitor in the standard MacBook packaging)

    ● Warm water

 Cleaning MacBook

You really do not need anything except those two things for cleaning the monitor and MacBook body. This thought is supported, not only by the official Apple manual, but also by millions of MacBook users.


If you are extremely keen on getting something iSpecial for cleaning your MacBook, then you can buy something like the iKlear cleaning kit, which includes a cleaning cloth, cleaning liquid, and wet wipes for travel. All of these components can be applied to both the screen and the body.


Here are some things that you really need to avoid by any means while cleaning a MacBook:


      Using any kind of aggressive chemical substances. We know some people who were cleaning their MacBook Pro displays with regular glass cleaner, but this is a really bad idea


      Using a non-soft or abrasive cloth or a cloth with lint


      Dampening your cleaning cloth too much. When cleaning, make sure that your cleaning cloth is just a little wet, not dripping with water


Many users ironically note that a great way of keeping your MacBook clean is using soap and water, and it is true. Just washing your hands before using your MacBook saves you tons of time when cleaning your beloved device.



Cleaning the screen

 Soft lint free

MacBooks come with a wiping cloth for their screens. Official guides on cleaning Macbook screens advise you to use these or a soft dye-free and lint-free cloth. If you have lost the original wiping cloth, buy one at the nearest Apple Store.


Cleaning the screen of a MacBook is simple. All you need is to dampen a cleaning cloth (yes, just use plain clean water) and gently clean the screen. Do not press or use force since the MacBook screen is quite tender. While doing this, you need to dampen the cloth. In no case should you spray liquid directly onto the screen. You also need to prevent moisture from getting inside of your MacBook.


You can use alternative cleaning cloths as well as special cleaning liquids but we would advise You to consult Apple Store people before using any of them.


Cleaning the keyboard


Cleaning the keyboard and exterior of a MacBook is very similar to cleaning the screen. Again, it is highly advisable that you not use any abrasive cleaning cloths or liquids, and you should never spray anything onto your Mac; it is not a flower anyway.


The MacBook keyboard requires some gentle movements to clean it. Before using a cloth on the MacBook keyboard, we advise that you air-clean it using a compressed air cleaner. After that, softly clean the space between the keys and the keys themselves. During this process, using any physical effort is a bad idea. If some dust remains, just repeatedly but gently rub it with a cleaning cloth.


Keeping the MacBook body clean


Here, the same rules apply as elsewhere. To keep your MacBook clean, you do not actually need any uber-cool sprays or chemicals. Just warm water and a microfiber cloth is all you need to keep the MacBook's body clean.


You may want to use disinfecting wipes, but make sure they do not contain any bleaching components. Disinfectant sprays are not recommended. If you want to use a disinfectant wipe, you need to do the following:


      Use a disinfectant wipe first


      Clear the body with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth


      Dry the area with another soft, lint-free cloth


It is easier to prevent dirtiness than to clean it


Yes, cleaning the screen and the keyboard is quite a tough thing to do, and you will need much patience to do it. But you can minimize this work with some simple tools:


      Silicon covers for your MacBook keyboard allow you to prevent getting hard-to-remove stains that occur on the screen after the screen touches the keyboard when the MacBook is closed


      Protective covers for your MacBook keyboard allow you to prevent any dust from getting between the keys. They also protect the screen from key stains and scratches.

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