9:14 am december 07 th 2011

How to use skype on iphone?
How to use skype on iphone?

4:24 pm december 11 th 2011

Skype for iPhone: a must have


The Skype team has recently rolled out a new version of its client for the iPhone. Let's take a look at what you can do with Skype 3.5, the latest version of Skype, on your iPhone.

Skype is not only a great piece of software and a great VOIP client. One of key attractions of Skype is that pretty much everybody knows about it and uses it, so if you want to call someone abroad, he is likely to already have Skype installed.

With the release of 3.5 for the iPhone (as well as the iPad), Skype has squashed many annoying bugs and added some interesting features. Actually, if you take a look at thet «what`snewinthisversion» part of the application description, you will see a really short message saying, "Improved stability on iOS5 and various bug fixes." But there is more than this to Skype 3.5.

Skype iPhone video callWith the release of Skype 3.0 for the iPhone, users were happy to learn that Skype started hosting video calls. In version 3.5, the video calls feature received a major update. Video calls now have an anti-shake feature. In other words, if you are making a video call through Skype while on the move, Skype will rid the video of any shaking and jerky movements. This will make video chatting much more pleasant for the person you're talking to.

Most users of this version of Skype agree that video calls require a Wi-Fi connection. When on a 3G data connection, the quality of the picture and responsiveness of the video quickly degrade.

Skype for the iPhone now supports Bluetooth headsets, making the app much more convenient. Another convenient feature is the ability to send text messages to mobile phones at reasonable rates.

And of course, the Skype team has kept those features that we love the most about Skype: free Skype-to-Skype calls and cheap international calls.

If you are a heavy Skype user on the desktop, you will probably miss some features that are not available on the iOS version. You will not be able to make Facebook-to-Facebook connections through Skype or make group video chats. Nevertheless, Skype remains one of greatest VOIP applications, both for the iPhone and for other devices. The “other devices” part is one of the most important points since Skype is available on most major operating systems and hardware platforms. That means that you will get to enjoy more free conversations with your friends and relatives who (for some strange reason) use devices other than the iPhone.

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