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1:33 pm september 11 th 2012

help me with connect iphone and wifi
help me with connect iphone and wifi

5:37 pm september 11 th 2012

How to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi

If you are a noob and do not know yet how to connect your new iPhone to Wi-Fi in order to connect the Internet there is no need to panic thinking it is a hard thing to do. No matter if you use a tiered plan for your iPhone or 3G seems to be better than Wi-Fi (although Wi-Fi work s few times faster) these tips can be useful when you need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and to use the Internet in a public place – an airport, café, street, etc.

Wi-Fi connection settings may slightly differ depending on the version of your iPhone or iPod Touch (NB: on an iPad they look more than a bit different) but in general you are to do the following to connect your phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi:

1. Tap the Settings menu from your Home screen (beforehand make sure that Wi-Fi is available in your current area).

How to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi. Pic 1

2. You will see the Wi-Fi settings menu, you need to tap it and then check on the accessible networks under the line “Choose a Network”.

How to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi. Pic 2

3. Think and tap the network to use if there are few of them.

4. If you are using Wi-Fi in a public place you will probably require entering a password first before starting to use it for the Internet connection.

How to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi. Pic 3

An advanced tip: if you are using a corporate Wi-Fi network like in Starbucks or an airport you may be asked to agree to the terms of services or enter an account login before getting an access to their Wi-Fi service. If you are not sure what to type ask an employer or a manager to help you.

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