11:38 am september 13 th 2012

How to find a job with iPhone?
How to find a job with iPhone?

4:02 pm september 13 th 2012

Job Search with iPhone


In order to find a vacancy after being fired or if you want to have a part-time job you can take an advantage of the free application Hob Search by Indeed that works as a smart search engine for jobs all over the country. You can download it from the AppStore and install on your iPhone. Surely, there are a lot of apps working in the same way but Indeed’s Job Search is free and it has few features that are very useful for everyone who needs to find a new job quickly and practically effortlessly.

Job Search with iPhone. Pic 1.

After the launch of Job Search app on your iPhone you will automatically get a free access to millions of free vacancies and hob offers waiting for you. You will be able to browse different job boards and send resumes as well as find out the contacts of the potential employers.

Among the features I personally tested and liked about Indeed’s Job Search was very quickly loading job search, all recent search result were remembered by the program automatically, the preview of a vacancy offering a job looks very nice, all job posting can be saved for later detailed reading in an offline mode and sent via emails. I also liked the fact that I downloaded and installed this app on my iPhone and then without any problems installed the same app on my iPad.

Job Search with iPhone. Pic 2.

As for the cons, there is only one I noticed, pretty annoying but common for all free iOS apps – a lot of advertisement. But if you really need a job searching app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch for free to browse a lot of job postings updating every few next minutes then Indeed’s Job Search is exactly what you need.

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