10:09 am december 07 th 2011

What to do if iPhone freezes on apple screen?
What to do if iPhone freezes on apple screen?

4:24 pm december 11 th 2011

What to do if iPhone freezes on apple screen


With the iPhone, we have the power of a full-fledged computer at our fingertips. However, a smarter phone means it is more vulnerable to glitches than a dumb phone. One of the problems an iPhone user may encounter is the iPhone becoming unresponsive during a reboot. So, here are several tips on what to do if your iPhone freezes on the Apple screen. 


In fact, there may be various reasons for an iPhone to freeze on the Apple screen. The solutions for this problem may differ depending on the version of iOS that you have installed. For jailbroken iPhones, there may be alternative solutions to the same problem.


A standard solution for a malfunctioning iPhone is to restore it. Restoring it basically mean that iTunes will re-setup your iPhone by rolling it back to your previously saved iTunes sync. A standard restore procedure is not complicated.


          First, you need to turn off your frozen iPhone. You do that by simultaneously pressing the "Sleep" and "Home" buttons until the iPhone turns off. This is called a hard power-off.


     ●      Then, turn on your computer and launch iTunes on it.


     ●      Hold the "Home" and "Power" buttons while plugging your phone into your computer. On the screen, you will see iTunes, arrow, and cable icons.


     ●      Check the iTunes window. A window with the following information will pop up: “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes." Click “OK”


     ●      In the main iTunes window, choose "Restore." Then just wait. In several minutes, your iPhone will be up and running with all of your contact data, bookmarks and settings intact.


     ●      Re-download the music to your iPhone since it is not restored during this procedure.

 Home & power

The restore feature removes any settings that do not belong to the "default factory settings" — those that are preloaded with the iPhone when it goes on sale. After restoring your iPhone to those safe settings that will surely work, iTunes will begin loading your phone with your previously backed up data.


We hope that this piece of advice will save you from that annoying "iPhone's Apple screen of death" and some minor hang-ups and glitches.

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