1:31 pm december 19 th 2011

Can I use stylus for iPad?
Can I use stylus for iPad?

2:00 pm december 19 th 2011

Stylus for the iPad



The iPad is best known for its multi-touch finger gestures. Zooming, rotating — all of these things work great with multi-touch. But you do not want to use multi-touch for all purposes.


Say, you want to write a note for yourself or draw a nice picture along with your kid. Yes, finger-painting kind of works with multi-touch, but using a stylus works better. But can styluses be used on the iPad's capacitive screen? It turns out that they can. Let's see how can they be used and which ones are the best.


So, the capacitive screen of the iPad relies on a change of the electric field. Your finger touches the screen, and a group of sensors register the change of the electric charge. Then, it sends and coordinates it to a processor and operating system. When it comes to choosing a stylus for an iPad, all you need to do is choose those styluses that change those electric fields. Here are best of those styluses for the iPad.






Designed by "Ten One Design," the $15 PogoSketch is just a decent stylus for your iPad that is designed to be used primarily on the iPad. It works good with drawing tasks.





This is a big and thick aluminum pencil with a soft rubber nib that seems to be awkward at a first glance, but do not be fooled. It is really well-balanced, and it feels good in your hand. It works great for drawing, and it is surely worth its price of $20.



Bamboo Stylus


Bamboo stylus

This stylus comes from a group of experts in developing and using styluses — Wacom. This one is a well-balanced stylus that works great when it comes to drawing. Although the price ($24) is quite high for this class of product, with the Bamboo Stylus, you get a classy product fit for professional drawing tasks. It also works great for taking notes on your iPad.






This is a wooden stylus from a small start-up company based in Mexico. It is surprisingly good for both writing notes and drawing due to the clever design of its nib. Another nice feature of this stylus  is that it is lightweight, and the wood feels really good in your hand. You can also stick it to your iPad using a built-in magnet.



SGP Kuel H10

SGP stylus 

This is a good stylus for both writing and drawing tasks. With a small rubber nib, it produces some really good results. And do not be fooled by the fact that it is quite short (under 3 inches) since it is telescoping, which adds around 1 inch in length and feels really comfortable. The SGP Kuel H10 is a really good stylus for the price of $13.


Besides those described above, you might be interested in the following styluses: Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, Hard Candy StylusPen, Kensington Virtuoso Touch Stylus & Pen, Targus 2-in-1 Stylus for iPad, NomadBrush, and LogiiX Stylus Pro Jr.

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