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8:31 am february 23 rd 2012

how to blacklist callers on iphone ?
how to blacklist callers on iphone ?

12:02 pm february 23 rd 2012

Blacklisting annoying callers with your iPhone

Some people are capable of turning your iPhone into a source of disruption and negative emotions. We are talking about telemarketers, annoying relatives or colleagues, or anyone else who is not worthy of your time and attention. The iPhone is meant to be a communication and productivity device but not an attention and time killer, right? Here are several solutions that will help you reclaim your iPhone from spammers and unsolicited callers or just plain annoying people who you do not want to talk to.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in phone-blocking solution for the iPhone. Maybe this is due to the pretty close connection between Apple and cellular operators. And, in fact, those phone-blocking apps in the official App Store do not really work.

Solution #1: iBlacklist

iBlacklist is an application for jailbroken iPhones with a self-explanatory name. It is available to install through the Cydia App Store. Although it is not a cheap application ($12), it offers a rich set of blocking settings. To install this app from Cydia, you need to do the following:

1. Enter iBlacklist into the app search field of Cydia.
2. Follow the instructions to pay for the app and install it.

Now, after iBlacklist is installed on your iPhone, you can:

● Block calls from your existing contacts.
● Block calls using new phone numbers, recently called numbers, or your SMS history.
● Block text messages from certain numbers.
● Auto-reply to blacklisted numbers with SMS.
● Filter messages.

The principle behind iBlacklist is quite simple: you have white and black contact lists and have the ability to choose how undesired calls and text messages (from numbers in your black list) should be treated. Let's see how you can do that:

1. Launch the iBlackList app.
2. Select "Blacklists" in the app's main menu.
3. Tap "Add new Blacklist."
4. Choose between adding an existing contact, a number from your recent calls list, or a number from your recent message list. You can also enter the number manually, but you will need to supply a name for the number as well.
5. In the configuration role, set the switch to "On"(located near the red call icon). From now on, calls from this contact will be blocked.
6. Set the switch next to the red message button to "On" to block SMS messages as well.
7. Tap “Action to be performed” to choose what happens when the contact calls you.
8. Choose between redirecting the caller to voicemail, automatically hanging up, sending a busy signal, and blocking the caller without your phone ringing.
9. Save the changes by pressing the blue button.

One more thing about this app—it only works with jailbroken devices. The iBlacklist app in the App Store just does not work and seems to be more of a scam than a real application.

Solution #2: Get creative with custom ringtones

This solution is a great workaround for not having an official iPhone call-blocking app. To apply it, you need to:

1. Record a few seconds of silence with Garage Band or a similar application.
2. Save the file in an iPhone-compatible format.
3. Set this sound as a custom ringtone for those contacts with whom you do not wish to talk.
4. Place all unwanted callers into a "Spam" group, and assign the same ringtone to it.

Of course, this solution is not ideal since it cannot block the visual notification of someone calling you, but it is free, quick, and requires almost no effort from you.

Solution #3: Use Google Voice

Another way to block unwanted calls on the iPhone is to do it through your Google Voice account. If you are using Google Voice, just block annoying callers through its web interface, and they will receive a "This number is discontinued" message.

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