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12:56 pm february 24 th 2012

ipod wont turns off
and what do I do now?

3:04 pm february 24 th 2012

Shutting down a reluctant iPod

What to do when you need to turn your iPod off while it thinks you don't.

From time to time, some iPods display an unwillingness to cooperate with their owners. Otherwise smoothly working devices will suddenly just not allow their owners to shut them down by pressing the pause button for several seconds. Here is what you need to do so that your iPod will once again shut down when you need it to.

Solution #1: Check the lock

In some cases, the solution is as simple as sliding the lock to and fro, and after that, the iPod will gladly shut down.

Solution #2: Reboot the iPod

Technically speaking, what we refer to as "shutting down" the iPod is closer to hibernating. So, to get the device to shut down normally again, try rebooting the iPod by doing the following:

1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off again.
2. Take the headphones out of your iPod.
3. Hold down the Menu and Select buttons for 6-10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

The chances are high your iPod will be shutting down normally again after the reboot.

Solution#3: Update the iPod's firmware

Updating the software that controls how your iPod works normally keeps your music files intact, but if would be safest to back up all of your music before following this procedure. In order to update the iPod's software, you need to:

1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
2. Connect your iPod to your computer and power source.
3. If iTunes finds update for your device's firmware, it will prompt you to update it.

Note that you need to update your iPod using a Windows computer if your iPod is formatted for the PC. If it is formatted for a Mac, just use a Mac; otherwise, you will need to reformat the iPod.

Solution #4: Restore your iPod

When the iPod is misbehaving, restoring it might be a good idea. Restoring the iPod is different from updating its software. During this procedure, your device is formatted, your user settings are erased, and the factory settings are restored. Again, before restoring, make sure you have backed up all of your files.
You can restore your iPod using iTunes. The Apple Support site has a detailed description on how to restore iPods of different models using iTunes.

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